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About Jobs

This section of my portfolio is about the job research I have performed for the Medical Billing industry. It covers phases 2, 3, and 4 of the course. These sections are about resumes and interviewing.

Phase 2

Phase two is about creating my resume. My draft resume is created from the information collected from the Chapter 4 worksheets.

Phase three is about the process of applying for jobs and writing effective cover letters. Chapter 6 worksheets are about finding job openings. Chapter 7 worksheets are about writing job applications. Chapter 8 worksheets are about writing effective cover letters. The cover letters I designed for Chapter 8 are on the Master Career Portfolio page.

For the caw 7-3 assignment we were asked to find a sample paper job application, preferably from the health care industry to fill out and use as a template. I did not apply for a job at that company.

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase four is about interviewing. Chapter 9 worksheets are about using our 30-second commercials, listening, telephone requests, and implementing strategies. Chapter 10 worksheets are about pre-employment test assessments, interview styles, and responses to interview questions.

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